Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe

– A Danish Youth Folk High School for young people between 16½ – 19 years.


Over the years, we have met a lot of wonderful students from abroad especially from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. We would love to meet you too.

We teach subjects like Sports and Out-door living, Music and Singing, Art and Design and Danish history and culture. You will also learn to speak and understand some Danish. Assemblies are held in both Danish and English, and most classes are taught in English. We expect that you can carry and understand a normal conversation in English in order to ensure you the best possible outcome of your stay – both vocationally and socially.
You can attend Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe if:

  • You are no younger than 16 ½ years when the term starts and you have not yet turned 19
  • You speak and understand English at a level that enables you to communicate and participate in class
  • You would like to meet other young people from Denmark and other countries
  • You would like to develop personally as well as vocationally

Course start and economy

Our next courses start:

  • 3rd of August 2017 (20 weeks)
  • 2nd of January 2018 (26 weeks)

It’s possible to stay for a whole year too.

The normal cost for attending UHR is approximately €50 per week. Further, there may be an extra fee for a study trip.

But international students can apply for a cheap part-scholarship. This payment covers:

  • Tuition
  • Meals
  • Single or double room

Please contact us for further information concerning part-scholarships at kontoret@uhr.dk

Sign-Up for a course at UHR

Contact us for more information and an application form kontoret@uhr.dk

When applying to become a student, please remember to enclose a copy of your passport or ID card and a copy of your birth certificate. You and your parents must both sign the application.

Read more about Danish Folk High schools at: http://danishfolkhighschools.com/about Don’t hesitate to contact us at kontoret@uhr.dk if you have any questions at all. We will always try to help.

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