We work very hard to make this a good school with a nice environment, and this also require something from you. We expect that you follow these guidelines here at school. We have unfortunately before end students home, because they found it to difficult to follow the guidelines.

Alcohol and drugs

The use of alcohol is only permitted at parties we through, and only what can be bought in the bar. Use of alcohol or drugs are not permitted at the school, and will result in a suspension or you being send home immediately. A suspicion of selling of drugs or other criminal actions, will result in an eviction.

Holidays and days off

When you attend a folk high school, there is no holidays or days off. You attend school fulltime, and days and weeks off is not an option according to the Danish folk high school law.

If you need time off to go to the doctor, dentist etc. you need to arrange this with your familygroupteacther.


If you are sick, you need to inform the assistant teacher or the teacher that has the dayshift at breakfast. You MUST ALWAYS report ill if you are. If you report ill, you need to stay in you room all day an evening. You must therefore not participate in assemblies, meals or classes during the day – and remember, if you are too ill to participate in classes during the day, you are also ill during the afternoon and evenings. You stay in you room and go to bed early, so you are fit for fight as soon as possible.

Obligatory attendance

You have obligatory attendance for all your classes, meals and assemblies. This is not up for discussion and attendance will be taken in every class. When you are late you disrupt the class, the teacher and you friends.  Respect all and yourself enough to be there on time.

The rooms

You room is your responsibility, both in terms of cleaning and tidying up.  The room must be hand in good condition. If you have a roomie you of course share the responsibility.

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