We have a very set schedule that needs to be followed, but even though the schedule is very set you have a big say and freedom in what you want to study. At the day you arrive, you choose which subject you want for A and B classes.

You will have 3 mandatory classes, along with an A – class of you choosing and a B – class also of your choosing. Our schedule is divided in to 2 terms, and you will in each term choose an A-class and a B-class.

Mandatory classes

  • Global Citizenship
  • Nature, history and culture in the Wadden Sea class
  • We are working on getting International Danish on the schedule

A – classes

  • Music
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Drama and Theater
  • Chef and Cooking

B – classes

  • Ready for studying
  • E-sport and Gaming
  • Art & Design a
  • Music
  • Cocking
  • Sports

We probably also start the day a bit later than you are use to, as we get up in the morning and eat breakfast at 8.45 am and all classes start at 10am. Further we have morning assembly every day, where attendance is mandatory.

In your schedule we also have time every Tuesday for study counseling and Tuesday and Thursday evenings we have theme evening and Folk high school everning – also mandatory.  But click here to see an example of our schedule .

Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe | Skole Allé 1 | Vester Vedsted | DK – 6760 Ribe | Tlf. +45 7544 5004 | [email protected]