Living at UHR

To attend Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe  as an international student you need to be between the age of 16 ½ and no older than 19 when the course starts.

Everyday life

You have classes every weekday, both in the mornings and the early afternoon. You will not find a great divide between your classes and your free time as our workshops are open all day, and we encourage you to work with our subject and interests outside the classes. For the active students, the school is never closed.

How your classes and your time is put together while you attend UHR, is up to you. You have a great responsibility in choosing the subject you find interesting and being an active student – thereby forming you everyday life at UHR.

All our classes start at 10am, but by this time we have already had breakfast, morning assembly and cleaning.

Morning assembly

Every morning at 9.00am we have morning assembly. Singing is always a part of a folk high school and therefore we start the day of with a song. Singing brings us together as a group and fosters unity. We often  choose a song from the traditional blue folk high school songbook.  After that a teacher or student will make a short presentation about a current issue


Smoking is only allowed outside in our “smoking pavilion”. There is no smoking anywhere else on the school grounds or inside. You will of course keep the smoking area nice and clean, and throw out you smoke buds. If we discover smoking in the rooms, this causes a warning and possibly a fine.

Attendance and illness

We register attendance in all our classes, morning assembly, breakfast and some evening events, all these have mandatory attendance. If you become sick, it has to be reported to the teacher on duty during breakfast. When you are sick, you need to stay in you room until the next morning and a friend will bring you food.

We do monitor absence, and if you have a lot of absence we phone your parents and you will be called to the principal’s office to discuss this.


There 3 main meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Further, we have 3 servings during the day between the main meals that consist of coffee, tea, fruit, vegetable, bread and so on. The many meals are a deliberate plan we use, because it helps keep your blood sugar up and thereby keep your concentration.

All our meals a prepared from scratch by our amazing kitchen staff. They will serve different varieties of food, and therefore we get a wide selection of tasteful and healthy food.

If you have allergies, are vegetarian or there is food you cannot tolerate, the kitchen just need to know and there will always be an alternative for you.

Hall teacher/ Familygroup teacher

We all live under the same roof and not in separate houses or dormitories. We have 5 wings/halls that all lead into the heart of the school and our common areas, and there is one teacher for each hall.
They supervise and are responsible for the daily cleaning in the hall. The hall teachers are there to help the community at the hall you live in. To start activities, decorate the hall, board game evening and so on.

Further all students at the school have familygroup teacher. This is the teacher that knows you the best and is your securityblanket if needed. The  teacher can help you with anything you need. A talk, homesick, social life, the Danish culture, room problems etc. As a student you are part of a familygroup with 6-8 other students, and they are your safebase here at the school. Therefore you also have familygroup meetings once a week.

Alcohol and euphoriants

Alcohol are banned on the school at all times. The only exception is when the school have a party or a bar night. At these events the only alcohol allowed is the beverages the school serves at the bar.

All cannabis or other drugs are strictly prohibited at the school. Possession or use of this can be cause for evection.

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