International student at a youth folk high school

A youth folk high school, and folk high school in generel, is a very Danish tradition, not seen anywhere else.

It is a tradition which has roots back to the of the 18th century. But even though we have a long history, we are not outdated.The folk high school tradition is very much alive and kicking in Denmark, and it is for every age, for every social background and for different interests. We have folk high schools for everybody. Senior folk high schools, sport folk high schools, music, political etc. and we are a folk high school for young people between 16 1/2 and 19 years.

Folk high schools were back in the day intended for the common man, and later woman. It was a place where different social classes would meet. You could get an education and move up into the learned classes. History, language, culture along with art and science were the aim back then.

Folk high school is a place where opinions are discussed, broken down and redeveloped, and many young people get an aha-experience trough the meeting with the Danish culture – both Danes and international students.

In the video above, Israeli Liona tells us that she wanted to start her education here in Denmark – and that she needed to improve her Danish before that dream could come true.

We live by the values of Grundtvig

When you say folk high school the name Grundtvig often follows. Back then it was an honor and a privilege to attend a folk high school to become learned and enlightened. Today the time at a folk high school is more seen as a break and a pitstop away from exams, books and the stress and race of an ordinary school.

The values of Grundtvig, which we try to live by:

  • A school for life and everyone
  • Curiosity and life education
  • Dialogue
  • Responsibility
  • Communities and interaction between the students

At a youth folk high school

To attend UHR you need to be between the age of 16 ½ and no older than 19 when the course starts. Today we still have the aim from the old days in mind, but we also very much look at what the young people are finding interesting today, and tweak our subject to this. Therefore, our subjects today are more creative and humanistic, and we have music, design, sport, drama, cooking and so on.

Today we focus on the students and what they find interesting, thereby using this as a springboard towards personal development and being a part of different communities.

Does it sound interesting? Please contact us at [email protected] or 0045 7544 5004, and we will help and guide you.

Here your can find a more generel introduction to the Danish folk high school system 


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