Do you know a young person who would like a break from ordinary school? Someone who would thrive in the freest form of school in the world? One who would like to learn Life enlightenment, Public enlightenment and Democratic education and training? A young person who would live one or two semesters in Denmark at a school with other teenagers? Someone who wants to know about the Danish society and educational possibilities – and maybe learn to speak the Danish language?


… then a course at Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe can be a good opportunity!

Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe is located in the village of Vester Vedsted just outside Ribe. The nearest neighbor is the Wadden Sea National Park, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Let the young ones find the lust for life

Young people should thrive and grow – not be paced forward. That is why we give time and space for the students to develop personally, professionally and socially in a tempo, that fits the individual.

We from the framework of the school and give the students the possibility to put their education to a temporary stop, while they reflect on their expectations on life and education. A course at Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe can contribute to clarify their choices for their future life.

It is often a good idea to stop and reflect, to find the best way forward. When it comes to life as well as education it is important sometimes to think twice. A young person takes a big decision when choosing their professional way. At the højskole we work with the essential questions like Who am I? What am I good at? Where do I belong? What do I want to do?

A course at our højskole is a break away from ordinary school and education. It is also a time where the students can immerse themselves in subjects and areas, they find interesting. At our school we have no grades, tests or exams. On the other side we have a strong community, where the students get to know themselves better and make close and lasting friendships. Achievements that will be useful in their future education and life.

Recommendation form a parent

Our experience with Højskole. We are a large family from Slovakia, we have 8 children. This year, our second-to-last son will complete a one-year stay at the school. Before him at school were his 4 siblings. We believe that even our last child will come to school in two years.
We learned about the school from a classmate of our second-born son. The stay at the school benefited them a lot. They improved their English, overcame the teenage period in a group of similar classmates. They discovered that the world is diverse and it’s not just about what they see at home. They found friends from almost all over the world and that life is about cooperation, empathy. We (parents) are very grateful for what they got and learned at school. When they went to school, they were children, when they returned they became independent individuals, “eagles” who spread their wings to take off from the family nest and take full responsibility for their lives. We thank you!
Papa Jan 🙂