The rooms

At Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe, you can wish to either live with someone else in a double room or live in a single room.

The room is yours while you are here, and of course you can decorate it however you want. 

The cool places

The Fireplace Room

The Fireplace Room is one of our shared cozy areas. This is where we play UNO and poker, jam on the guitar, read or watch tonight’s episode of X-Factor. This is also where we have deep conversations, focused teaching and cozy café evenings. In short – the center of the school.

The Pool Room

The slightly more active moments take place in the Pool Room. Here you can play table tennis, pool or table football.

Lecture Room

Lecture Room is the heart of the højskole. This is where we meet every morning and sing, talk, listen and start our day together. This is also where we hold concerts, parties and lectures.

The Dining Room

The food at Ungdomshøjskolen is delicious, and we enjoy it in the Dining Room. Three times a day we meet in here and share a meal together. In connection with both lunch and dinner, important announcements are also given before we continue the day.

The Gym

In The Gym, most sports-related activities take place. We play basketball, football, badminton, hockey – you name it. In extension of The Gym is our fitness area, filled with equipment ranging from dumbbells to exercise bikes. There is no more excuse – your gym is in your home.

The Outdoor Activities

When the weather is right, we jump out onto the football field, the beach volley court or the disc golf range and have fun. However, we use the outdoor areas for a lot other than sports, and the area is also used for activities like bonfires and sun bathing.

The Square

In front of the school’s entrance is the Square which, especially when the temperature rises, is used extensively. When the fountain is running, the sun is shining from a cloudless sky and the square is full of students, it oozes folk high school. We play guitar, sing songs and enjoy life. It doesn’t get much better.