A completely different way of learning

At our youth folk high school, you are not assessed by grades or exams … and there is virtually no homework.

You don't take any exams and you don't get grades

Going to højskole is about human development and skill building. It’s about being able to maneuver in your life, set limits, take a stand and challenge yourself – not about being an undefinable number in the line. Our finest task is to prepare you for the life you are going to live, and to give you the tools to be able to balance yourself on your journey.

We focus on your development

We are of course aware that the højskole is a temporary station on people’s journey. We are all part of our society, and our students often have to return to education after their stay at our school. Therefore, we continuously focus on each individual student’s development and thoughts about the future. Four times each semester, the contact teacher has individual development talks with his contact students, where they talk about well-being here and now, but also, through existential guidance, about the possibilities for education and jobs in the future.

No homework - only dedication

Since there are no exams or grades at Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe, you will not experience homework as you know it. You will, on the other hand, find that an immersion process in, for example, art or music sometimes requires you to work on your projects after the ordinary teaching. This shows your own approach and commitment to the projects.


The teaching is in Danish and English

We offer well over 80 different subjects during the year. We replace and adapt continuously, so you can constantly choose new subjects.

Six exciting subject areas

Music and Drama
Media and journalism
Art and design
Sustainability and kitchen
Sports and outdoor
Brainy heads

Du sammensætter selv dit skoleskema. Vælg mellem mere end 80 kreative og udviklende fag.