Rules and guidelines

At our school there are not many rules, but please pay close attention to the few, important guidelines, that we have.

The højskole is your home, while you are here. At the same time, it is the home of a lot of other people, which is why it is important that we all take responsibility to make the school a nice place to be. Basically, we are talking about well-being and general consideration. The freedom you have as a student, here at the højskole to make your own choices also carries a great responsibility for you to think before you act, and to make sure that you keep within the rules of the school. When everybody follows this path, we can create a strong, safe and well-functioning community.

Come join

You have come to this school to experience something new, so take part in all the aspects of life at the højskole. You have the duty to attend classes, meetings, cleaning and kitchen duties.

The rooms

Your room is your responsibility during your stay here. When you leave your room again, it is your responsibility that is is in fine condition. If you live in a double room, you share this.


If you get ill, you must report so at breakfast time.

When ill, you stay in your room all day, until next morning. This way you can rest and get better, and you will also not infect other students.

Away from school

On a højskole course the only holiday is for Christmas.

Make sure to check the calendar for theme weeks, special arrangements, and study trips.

If you need time off to go to the dentist, doctor, or something else, make sure to make an agreement with your contact teacher in advance.


Smoking and vaping take place only in the school’s smoking pavilion.

Alcohol and drugs

You are not allowed to keep alcohol or drugs at the school. Alcohol can be enjoyed at special arrangements, that the school is planning. The ungdomshøjskole does not accept that a student possesses or takes narcotics. Taking or keeping alcohol or narcotics can lead to an instant and permanent stop to the course.