Are you asking?

Who do you want to be? What are you good at? What dreams do you want to pursue?

At Ungdomshøjskolen at Ribe you get the opportunity to reflect on yourself, your situation, your present, your dreams and your future. And the best thing is that you do it together with other young people who – just like you – also want to get to know themselves better.

Many new friends yes please!

The high school friends become your new best friends for life. Friendships are the glue that holds the entire high school stay together.

You choose

Sustainable badass, fake news, yoga, activism, jewelry design, strength training, street art, line dance, drama, parkour, world food, stop motion, outdoor life, band 101, fashion design +90 other exciting courses!

Democracy and influence

You have a big influence on  what goes on at the college during your stay. Have you always dreamed of playing in a band? Can you create cool events in the party committee? Want to develop your basketball skills? Are you now about to start a knitting club? It is up to you. The college provides the framework – you create the content.

No grades
No exams

… but you can boost your skills in Danish and math