You become a part of something bigger

The community will embrace you and you will feel comfortable at our cozy college. You choose your own schedule and you neither get grades nor take exams. You will make lifelong friendships and special experiences on the study tour.

Ask the questions

Who are you? What dreams do you want to pursue? What are you good at? What do you want to get better at? What will you pass on? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go in life? Have you ever thought about it?

There are many important questions we may well forget to ask ourselves. Perhaps it turns out that the most important thing is not to find answers, but simply to ask the question.

It is essential that you are given the chance to develop as a person, and at the college there is all the freedom you need to be able to unfold and develop. Together we create an everyday life with freedom under responsibility. This means that you get the opportunity to do what you want as long as you are responsible for your actions. You will find that when you take responsibility, it strengthens you personally as well as a part of a community.

Your present and your dreams

At Ungdomshøjskolen at Ribe you get the opportunity to reflect on yourself, your situation, your present, your dreams and your future. And the best thing is that you do it together with other young people who – just like you – also want to get to know themselves better.

Friendships for life

Friendships are the glue that holds the entire folk high school stay together. The folk high school friends become your new best friends for life. You learn almost everything about your peers as well as you get to know yourself a lot better. The ability to function among a lot of different people in a close community is worth its weight in gold when you later go out into the world.

You are met with open arms

When you land at the college, you will quickly learn that everyone around you stands with open arms. This applies to the employees, your folk high school friends and everyone in the village. Embrace them. A positive attitude and an open mind are the keys to an unforgettable college stay.

Give and receive recognition

‘Giver’s gain’. This means that whoever gives also wins. At the college we have an appreciative approach to each other. You grow every time you give recognition to others, and you will grow every time you receive recognition from others. In a way, we make each other stronger and better.

No grades, no exam, you choose yourself

No grades, no exam, you choose yourself

Skilled teachers create, based on your level and wishes, the most inspiring teaching. Here you will find your own physical, musical, creative or philosophical expression.

It is you who decides what you want to get out of the teaching. You can freely choose between the subjects. The workshops are always open. You have plenty of time and space to immerse yourself in exactly what you want. Here you get a golden opportunity to pursue your dreams and ideas. So whether you want to become even better at something you already know or if you have the courage to jump into something completely new, all doors are open – you just have to choose which ones you want to enter.

At our youth folk high school, you don’t have to take exams and you don’t have to chase grades. In return, we build your professional strengths so that you are well equipped to achieve your dreams.

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The key word at Ungdomshøjskolen at Ribe is community. One of the most amazing things you can do to yourself is being – and developing – in a community.

We live together, eat together, laugh, cry and live together. Everyone has a role in our community, and all roles are indispensable. The most important thing is that everyone is seen and heard, and that we create a strong bond between us all.

The community is the foundation for most of what goes on at the college – morning assemblies, meals, walks, parties, classes and cleaning; it all takes place while we do it together. New doors, new possibilities, are opened, and at the college there is plenty of time and space to open them all together.

You decide via democracy

At the youth folk high school, we have a strong democratic practice. This means that you have great influence on a great deal of what goes on at the college during your stay. Have you always dreamed of playing in a band? Want to develop your basketball skills? Are you now about to start a knitting club? It is entirely up to you. The college provides the framework – you create the content.

Ups and downs

Going to college is definitely pretty awesome. But make no mistake; our days are just as full of ups and downs as anywhere else. This means that there are also plenty of challenges here. For some, getting up in the morning is a challenge. For others to go to bed at night. Not to mention all that is in between.

We all have challenges – the biggest challenge is doing something to solve them. At the college, there is both room for you to recognize your challenges and to work on solving them – perhaps even together with others. During your time at the college, you will undergo enormous development. For some it is difficult to spot during the stay, for others it is experienced within a short time. Either way, you will be able to feel it long after you have once again left college.