Learn the Danish culture and the Danish language

If you consider a future in Denmark, maybe to study here or just because you have Danish ancestors or family, you will benefit from taking a course at Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe.

The culture

A Højskole course is a complete introduction to the life in and the culture of Denmark. Approximately one third of our students are international – the rest are Danish. This means that you will spend time with a lot of Danish people, and through your life together, learn a lot about being young in Denmark and of the possibilities for living and studying here.

A special focus in our courses is the democratic training, where the students are helped to take influence in the common life at the school and encouraged to debate openly with each other, knowing that every voice counts and is of value.

And the language

All our classes are taught in Danish as well as in English. This way every student has equal accessibility to all classes.

We do, however, have a special class for the international students, who wishes to learn the Danish language. This class is found in both the autumn and the spring semester and is simply called “Danish”.

Whether you need to improve your Danish language, or wishes to learn it form scratch, this class is for you.

All our subjects are taught in Danish as well as in English. In this way, all students have equal access to all subjects.