Field of study
Media & Journalism

Content and click bait. Mass media and fake news. We broadcast live, we read, we listen. True crime, reality or cyberbullying. Photo sessions and Stop Motion. Words and images that we create, use and receive.

Autum 2023

Hollywood Who?


We will create the most awesome, funniest and cheesy gore/horror/sci-fi movie the school has seen to date! We will watch movies and clips from movies, who have done well in this genre, and find inspiration in those for our own movie. After that, we will write our own script, make props, lots of fake blood, sound effects, green screen, film and edit, and finally invite to the premiere of what will be nothing short than a masterpiece!

Reality Club


Who doesn't dream about winning the half million at a beach in Mexico, while the entire country is looking at you? In Reality Club we're sharing our love to reality and end up by creating the world's greatest reality show ourselves!



If you want to create your own film productions, take unique pictures, work with sound and much more, this is the subject for you. We will work within the various media and go in depth with photography, photo manipulation, film recordings, green screen work, animations such as stop motion, sound recordings and much more. You will be part of the whole build-up process, stand both in front of and behind the camera and edit your work so that you end up with a razor-sharp end product.



What is your passion? What do you believe? And what do you want to fight so that others discover that this is important? We are becoming activists! We are spreading our message with demonstrations, articles, podcasts, videoes, social media, and everything else that comes to mind. And we are gonna learn from the best. The ones that already fight for LGBTQ+, animal welfare and body positivity, so that our case comes forward in the world!

Fake News


Everybodies talking about it: fake news. But what is it really? Who makes them? Why are they doing it? And how do you know a real news story from a fake one? We’re becoming experts in fake news and making our own, great stories with real sources. Find your inner journalist and let’s save the world with real news!

Spring 2024



We are going to dive into the world of photography and create photo art within different genres. You will work with planning and setting up photoshoots, lighting, editing and much more and at the end of the course you will end up with a nice photo portfolio.

Stop Motion


How would you like to create your very own movie, based on your favourite story or even your own? You’ll have the opportunity to do so here, by using stop motion. We will have a look at different types of stop motion movies and find inspiration in them. You will create a storyboard, build your movie set and set up your own movie production to create your stop motion movie.

Sound Lounge


Podcast is the perfect way to travel through the world of sound - there’s no limit to what you can listen to, and that’s what we’re taking advantage of in this course. We will listen to all the best that podcast has to offer - bring your blanket and join our journey in sound and genius stories!

True Crime Podcast


Velkommen til UHR’s helt egen true crime podcast! Vi skal nørde lyd, så de professionelle bliver helt misundelige, og vi skal have det sjovt med verdens bedste medie: lyd. Men hvordan laver man en ægte forbrydelse om til underholdning? Vi skal lytte til og lære af de bedste podcastere, og så skal vi lave vores egen true crime podcast.



In this subject, you will dive into the wonderful world of filmmaking and be both in front of and behind the camera. We will work on several different kinds of film productions, work with effects, editing, script writing and much more. You will have the opportunity to work on your own smaller productions, but also be part of the big joint movie project.



Queen Bee. Lord of the Rings. Beliebers. Who gets your fan-heart going so fast that you want to share it with the rest of us? We’re talking about our idols, greatest sources of inspiration, and best fan experiences in Fangiiirls.   

Content Creators


In the Content Creatorssubject, we will spend time creating over the top content for our social media. Do you have an Instagram or TikTok account that is lagging, or do you want to try your hand at creating videos for YouTube? Here you get the opportunity to create cool setups with light and sound, learn about how to work with the algorithm and much more, so that the content on your social media will be exactly as you want it.

You design your own schedule while you are at school. Each semester, we tell you more about the individual subjects before you choose the subjects you find interesting.